6 Lessons for $6...WOW!

6 lessons for $6. Are you kidding? Call us crazy but we are offering six lessons for $6. An unbelievable offer from CJs designed to introduce your kids to skateboarding. There is absolutely no better way to get your kids started with skateboarding. Space is very limited, book now and avoid disappointment! Note: This program is for absolute beginners with a focus on the FUNdamentals of skateboarding. (Learn more.)

Spring Forward into Spring Programs

CJ’s offers a variety of spring programs for all skateboarding skill levels and ages. From introductory programs geared to gradually introducing people to their very first experience on a board through to advanced skateboarding programs. (Learn more.)

Summer Camp!

Summer is almost here! CJ’s offers skateboard camp experience to ensure your kids keep ripping. Our skateboard camps are simply the best in Canada, and we provide your campers with a world-class facility! Life at CJ’s Camp is specifically designed for any skateboarder, from beginner to advanced. We offer such a fun, well-rounded program that it’s perfect for any young person, even those who are giving skateboarding a try for the very first time. (Learn more.)

Register Online Now!

Plan and register now to avoid disappointment later. CJ’s has made it easy for you to plan your kids’ fall activities by offering online program and camp registration. Click here to register.

registration report page

You can get the inside scoop on what our camps and programs are really like by talking to a parent whose son and/or daughter has already attended CJ’s. Contact us to learn more.

Advanced Skateboarding Program

Based on the overwhelming success and demand for our Advanced Summer Camp (Learn more.), CJ’s is offering an advanced skateboarding program to help take your skating to the next level through-out the fall and winter. This program is designed for skaters who have mastered the basics of skateboarding and aspire to push their skills to the next level. Space is very limited, so be sure to book early to avoid disappointment. (Learn more.)

PA Day

PA Day Rates and Dates
SessionDates (From - To)RateStatusOnline Registration
FriNovember 18, 2016-November 18, 2016$75.00AvailableRegister
FriDecember 02, 2016-December 02, 2016$75.00AvailableRegister
FriJanuary 20, 2017-January 20, 2017$75.00AvailableRegister
FriFebruary 17, 2017-February 17, 2017$75.00AvailableRegister
FriJune 09, 2017-June 09, 2017$75.00AvailableRegister
FriJune 30, 2017-June 30, 2017$75.00AvailableRegister
All prices listed are in Canadian dollars

Holiday Camp Rates and Dates
SessionDates (From - To)RateStatusOnline Registration
TueDecember 27, 2016-December 30, 2016$249.00AvailableRegister
MonJanuary 02, 2017-January 06, 2017$299.00AvailableRegister
All prices listed are in Canadian dollars

Winter Camp Rates and Dates
SessionDates (From - To)RateStatusOnline Registration
MonMarch 13, 2017-March 17, 2017$299.00AvailableRegister
All prices listed are in Canadian dollars

Introductory Skateboard Program (4:30pm Start) Rates and Dates
SessionDates (From - To)RateStatusOnline Registration
WedOctober 19, 2016-November 16, 2016$5.00AvailableRegister
MonOctober 24, 2016-November 28, 2016$5.00LimitedRegister
WedNovember 23, 2016-December 21, 2016$5.00AvailableRegister
MonDecember 05, 2016-January 09, 2017$5.00AvailableRegister
WedJanuary 04, 2017-February 01, 2017$5.00AvailableRegister
MonJanuary 16, 2017-February 13, 2017$5.00AvailableRegister
WedFebruary 08, 2017-March 08, 2017$5.00AvailableRegister
MonFebruary 27, 2017-April 03, 2017$5.00AvailableRegister
WedMarch 22, 2017-April 19, 2017$5.00AvailableRegister
MonApril 10, 2017-May 15, 2017$5.00AvailableRegister
WedApril 26, 2017-June 24, 2017$5.00AvailableRegister
MonMay 29, 2017-June 26, 2017$5.00AvailableRegister
All prices listed are in Canadian dollars

Beginner Skateboard Program (5:30pm Start) Rates and Dates
SessionDates (From - To)RateStatusOnline Registration
MonSeptember 12, 2016-October 31, 2016$150.00AvailableRegister
WedSeptember 14, 2016-October 26, 2016$150.00AvailableRegister
WedNovember 02, 2016-December 14, 2016$150.00AvailableRegister
MonNovember 07, 2016-December 19, 2016$150.00AvailableRegister
WedDecember 21, 2016-February 01, 2017$150.00AvailableRegister
MonJanuary 02, 2017-February 13, 2017$150.00AvailableRegister
WedFebruary 08, 2017-March 29, 2017$150.00AvailableRegister
MonFebruary 27, 2017-April 24, 2017$150.00AvailableRegister
WedApril 05, 2017-May 17, 2017$150.00AvailableRegister
MonMay 01, 2017-June 19, 2017$150.00AvailableRegister
All prices listed are in Canadian dollars

Intermediate Skateboard Program (4:45pm Start) Rates and Dates
SessionDates (From - To)RateStatusOnline Registration
TueSeptember 13, 2016-November 01, 2016$170.00LimitedRegister
ThuSeptember 15, 2016-November 03, 2016$170.00AvailableRegister
TueNovember 08, 2016-December 27, 2016$170.00AvailableRegister
ThuNovember 10, 2016-December 29, 2016$170.00AvailableRegister
TueJanuary 03, 2017-February 21, 2017$170.00AvailableRegister
ThuJanuary 05, 2017-February 23, 2017$170.00AvailableRegister
TueFebruary 28, 2017-April 25, 2017$170.00AvailableRegister
ThuMarch 02, 2017-April 27, 2017$170.00AvailableRegister
All prices listed are in Canadian dollars

Advanced Skateboard Program (7:00pm Start) Rates and Dates
SessionDates (From - To)RateStatusOnline Registration
TueOctober 04, 2016-November 22, 2016$240.00AvailableRegister
TueNovember 29, 2016-January 17, 2017$240.00AvailableRegister
TueJanuary 24, 2017-March 21, 2017$240.00AvailableRegister
All prices listed are in Canadian dollars

Camp Memories (click images to view gallery)
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One of my main concerns about choosing a camp is security. My daughter just turned seven. But CJ's has put my mind at rest. With their security video cameras and a formal check-in and check-out procedure, I feel confident that my daughter is safe. Thanks CJ's!

There's nothing like picking up your child from camp and have him grin from ear to ear as he tells you about his "awesome" day. Thanks CJ's!

This is my son's third time at CJ's camp. He's 13 and loves the program. The staff is great with the kids. He's already asking us when he can go back again. It's the best camp he's ever been to!

Camp Feedback
We are always working hard to improve our camp experience. And you can help us! CJ's has introduced an online survey to make it even easier to collect your feedback and help us provide your kids with the ultimate camp. Best of all, when you complete a survey, you qualify to win a new CJ's deck.
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